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April 23, 2008


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Nathalie (brn2scrp)

Ok, the whole roof shout thing just fascinates me - and makes me realize that while we speak the same language (sort of), there's some pretty wild cultural differences between Canada and NZ! Now you've got me worried about whether there are witches in my ceilings. And how they're doing considering that this house is 17 years old. Cause I'm pretty sure no one put up a roof shout when they built this house. Yikes!

Donna  Meuli

Ummm, I can totally identify with the roof tarp situation! We had them for 3 months over our entire house and I swear we had several cyclones in that time. What us wives of the builders have to endure huh? They call it adventure...I guess soon you'll be enjoying lots of lovely new space though. I've said never again several times now.
Thanks for the info on the stamps.


An idea for acrylic stamp storage - CD cases, empty of course! Then stored in a CD rack. I saw it initally on Rach's blog http://rachaelscholz.squarespace.com/ but can't find it now. While I don't have heaps of acrylic stamps, I have done it with mine and its great. Just whack a label on the side there you go!

The house is looking good!

Megan Renfree

Hmmm, is it Making Memories that have released a new folder for storing clear stamps? I'm sure I saw something the other day. Also I think Tim Holtz has a clear stamp storage tin that I liked the look of too! One of those might interest you!!

Christine C

Wow that looks more like a re-build than extension. Don't you just love that we Kiwi's look for any excuse for a drink!


As someone just commented above - cd cases for stamp storage - just found this post on scrapscene
Only have a few stamps at the mo but this sounds like a great idea! Then you could use a cd storage shelf - all sorted! LOL!


That's CRAZY! Look at your house! I don't know if I could survive that kind of construction around me. lol

Lovely page for Abby... love the SU stamps, that threading water punch and the bling. Very cool and versatile combo! ;)


I know what a "shout" is from when i lived in australia! that's probably the first aussie (well, i guess if nz uses it too, it would be a "down under" and not an aussie term to be pc?) term i learned! lol that and the "loo" ! (isn't that english? i guess they called it specifically "the toilet" and not the bathroom or anything).

wow, you really are going to town on that house of yours! how exciting!!! i would love to remodel. hopefully i'll live long enough and have enough money sometime to do it. i think it would be so fun to be able to make your house exactly how you picture it in your head. we just never have enough time or money and my dh is so not a handyman. your husband is a regular old ty pennington! (but cuter wink wink)

i love the superstition about the witches. love that. and your latest pages of abby just gorgeous as usual.

your stamp obsession sounds fun to me! wish i had any inkling at all to create something.

love that butterfly box too.

love you too. ;)



LOVE the layout with your daughter. And question - how did you make that "lacy" sort of edge on that orange paper under the words? Is that a punch?

Erica Lasham

Wow, that looks like major renovations to me!
Bet you will be glad when it is all finished :-)
I love the little box you made for Abby, so cute.
I haven't started my kiddies albums yet, But they are on my list of things to do. lol
I will send some pics once I get started.

Cath S

We're replacing our whole kitchen at the monent. Seeing your photos all I can think is, thank goodness we don't have to do anything with the roof! Love the 'witches' story :-)

Ali MacD. from Nova Scotia

Absolutely adorable smile and a beautiful page. The flower and leaves are perfect, what a great colour combo you chose. Thanks for sharing! :o)

Lusi Austin

hi nic :)
love the page share - well done for scrapping anything whilst doing renovations!!!!! gorgeous page and gorgeous leaf stamp too!
lusi x


keep up the NO coke thing....you've gone this far!!! we started a three week detox last week, no caffine, meat, dairy, sugar...not alot left ahy!!! by tue i had a spliting headache.....now its all good and i'm not tied in the afternoons like i was...i'm not a fan of wacko diets but i had to do something drastic to kick start me to leave sugar alone....how heartbreaking loosing stuff in the post....everyones worse nitemare...it could still show up!!! love your work

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