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March 17, 2008


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OMGosh! We were just watching Myth Busters (do you guys have that over there?) and they busted the myth about Daddy Long Legs being able to bite. They showed a close up of their fangs and that they are actually long enough to penetrate the skin. They then put the guys arm in a cylinder filled with them and he actually got bitten but it didn't cause harm. Looking forward to seeing your Stampin' up work! Love the Tarisota gallery this month! Awesome!Chris.


Love the oppsidently story... I'll be waiting for the LO with that one. :)I love that Jacob is a little encyclopedia of spider facts. EEEeeeeew! lolAnd SU... well, I have way more SU! stuff than I could possibly justify owning. I had to stop looking at their catalogues and website. :P But I will check back to see what you've made for Abby.


Yep we have had that daddy-long-legs conversation too...I was amazed because they are probably the one spider I am not afraid of, and then you find out they are the most venomous?! Love the idea of them laughing behind one of their eight hands rflmao!As for SU - yay! I am so delighted you are going to showcase their stuff. I love SU! I find all their items to be fabulous quality and gorgeous.

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