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March 23, 2008


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wishing you luck on the booklet nic if anyone can do it you can I just so want to let you know it makes me feel better reading how Jacob doesn't go to sleep so easily makes me realise that maybe just maybe my 9 yr old daughter and her not getting sleep isn't so unusal (her brother's head hits the pillow and he's gone) she just doesn't seem to be able shut down her brain long enough to fall asleep before she is totally exhausted lolAlthough she is now and reading your blog reminded me there is something I must do - thanks for that lol


I'm sure you'll come up with something beautiful for that non-scrapbook memory booklet. lol. I'll take a peek and see if I have anything that might be somewhat inspirational to you. ;)I had to smile at the story about your kids at bedtime. Sounds like kids are basically the same inside, no matter where they live. And I can personally relate to feeling CRaZy in the evening, but I usually sit at my scrap desk until the feeling passes and I end up like Miss Abby, passed out before I make it to bed.Happy Easter! Enjoy the chocolate, Swiss or otherwise. :)


hope the bro is not in the northern part of Switzerland or his eggs could well be frozen solid! Snow storms abound and they can be such a pain in the middle of an egg hunt lol. Nothing a little choc fondue wont fix though. Frohe Ostern, SSF.


Happy Easter Nic to you and your family! Wanted to tell you we got our first 14 quarts of maple syrup today. Oh my drool time here. I had the part that wouldnt fit in the last jar on some vanilla ice cream. Maybe we will have to try and slip another package past those inspectors!! Hugs from Wisconsin


Have no idea if this will help you or not, but....I did a book for my daughters teacher a couple of years back. She was on exchange from Canada, so I needed to make the book small. Made the pages from cardstock and had each child draw on one side (I drew a frame in black pen around the edges) and put a photo of the child on the facing page. I included a couple of photos from around the school at the front, and a thank you letter to the teacher on the very front page. Made it simple, covered chipboard with rings holding it together, ribbon tied on the rings. Called it "happy little faces". Didn't use page protectors at all.Like I said, I have no idea if this helps, and I didn't take any photos of it (der!!!!).Good luck with it, and HAPPY EASTER!!Suzitee xxx

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