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March 30, 2008


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Okay, okay! I e-mailed to say I'm in... and now I'm making the commitment financially too. I just ordered some SEI preservation albums (6x6) from an online store, so I can start scrapping my pages. I've got some pictures taken... and now that the list is up, I can take some more. YAY! I can't wait to dig into my HUGE stash of older KI memories for this one. :D

Good luck with your paperwork. Sounds like quite the chore!


Thanks for that I usually only get one chance for photos with my son at his age almost thirteen but he is already planning how to do thirteen with his fingers tho so guess that a good sign lol
And Natasha can't wait she is a true scrappers daughter and at the moment will still pose at the drop of the hat (she is writing her favourite list as we speak) lol


Thanks Nic! Have been very keen to get this book started, great to have an idea of what the rest of the pages will be!
Got a 8x8 album, and have been looking a some cool papers to use - am gooing to get started on this tomorrow - promise to post pics! :)


Thanks for putting all the pages up Nic. I'm going to work on 2 & 3 today. Good luck with that mounting paper work! It never goes away does it?!LOL


Ahhhh zoo tycoon... I have wasted many hours building zoos and completing challenges on that game. I really love it but have to avoid it coz I get terribly involved and find myself up til the wee hours.

Looking forward to your next apges. Lili is being so co operative with photos now and it's great. She has always been very reluctant to let me take her photo.

lori jolley

this will help alot! Thank you! this is such a fun idea! I'm so excited!

Debbie - NZ

Awesome thanks Nic, going to print this all out and put on my notice board and get started!

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