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March 10, 2008


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Go Nic although we missed ya great to hear you were doing wonderful things Loving your Tarisota layout great stuff as usual you never fail to inspire us Nic once again thankswishing it was the journalling on my pages that told the story but I seriously hope my photos do that I'm not so hot on the journalling front but you make me try cos reading your stories makes me realise how important it is


We thought there was a good reason for you to be MIA it is great to hear you had such a nice time with your brother - family is SO important!We just can't wait to get our parcel in the mail with another wonderful 4 "nic" layouts - thanks for the inspirtation.


Wow, I love that page about Abby. She's such a cutie... and getting to be such a big girl now. It's amazing how fast they grow up!I'm glad you had a chance to get away spontaneously. You say it wasn't too much of an effort, but I'm sure it was, more than you let on. Good for you for doing it though... these trips are the stuff memories are made of, and I'm sure your kids will love looking back at the pictures (and the LOs, no doubt!)... and reading the stories, and they'll have such fond memories of their Uncle Vaughn's visit. :)And yes, I can understand the sadness that comes with the end of a nice visit with family. Happens to me all the time. *sigh*

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