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March 27, 2008


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OMGosh!! The 'fluff' on the legs is just cracking me up!!!LOL
These albums are priceless and I know my kids are absolutely going to love the ones I do for them even if they are a bit older.
I did a whole mini album of when Shayla went to hospital for 3 weeks when she was 5 and she treasures it.
Thanks for motivating us all on this Nic!

Sarah Schwerin

I've made the move! I've added your new link to may favourites and am here with you! The new blog looks great!


Hi. This is a great idea - I have been thinking about doing something like this for a while, now you are ensuring I have no excuse not to get started! The first question I have (there may be many more through the process) is whether all the pages through the album will be colour co-ordinated and use the same line / patterns through out, and if so, approx how many pages will the album have? I'm just trying to think what I can use out of my existing stash and how much I will need to complete the album. Thanks - I'm looking forward to the project!


Okay, twist my arm... I'm in. :)
Those are AWESOME pages, Nic.
How could I NOT join your challenge now?


Loving the way I can view your photos now Nic. I *hated* not being able to read your journalling .. LOL

Rachel Millington

Hey Nic, I've followed you over here and just wanted to say hi. I'd love to do the album with you but I don't have kids hahaha! I might borrow my friends when they get a bit older ;)


I'm thinking of jumping on the band wagon, I'm thinking my teenagers might get a kick out of a book about themselves. So how am I going to take a picture of Kirstie holding up 17 fingers? hmmm all of my kids are over 10...I just might have to get creative. It will be good for me.

Debbie - NZ

I am going to sign up and do this and do this so that when David gets to 4 years old we will just be able to put the photos in....He just loves, loves, loves looking at his scrapbooks already!

Rachel Tucker

i'm so in on the book. Will be doing it for my 5yo. Then at the end of the year when my Abigail turns 4, i'll do her one. Just love this idea.
So competed the first page last night, and she loves it. You should have seen the smile on her face !


Looks great can I ask how many pages the album is?


I am SOOOOOOO in on this! DD1 has just turned 4 so perfect. Plus I am a very regular lurker here and so do be further inspired by you Nic is even better!

sesil in chicago

So doing this for my 3.5 year old. She is my oldest and she will love it. Can not wait. love the new blog.


Right I have done the spit and shake.... ie made the pact. I promise to finish. And I have completed the first page, inside front cover. It's simple but effective and Lili is into it so that's cool. Thanks again Nic.



Hey Nic!
I have the same question that Karen posted earlier - approx how many pages will this cool wee book have? I too am working out what papers to put aside from my stash!
Can't wait to see what the rest of the pages are like! :)


You are making it simple enough for a first timer! Thanks! I bought some really nice albums intending to do these for my children and haven't got round to it. They are too nice to give to the children, so... I'm going to go with you on this one and use something a little less precious just to get me started, and then once I've done this one I should be inspired enough by you all to do the really special one about their life before they came to us. Thanks for kick starting me.


Count me in! Perfect timing since Callum's 4th birthday is next week. :)

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