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March 14, 2008


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Hurray! I'm so glad that Jacob's cast is coming off. I hope it goes well. :)Congrats on Scrap Scene. Yay! I love that page.As for Jacob's reading skills... wow! My older guy is a great reader, but his attention span isn't quite there to read independently for long periods of time. My younger one has been known to go to bed with a stack of Magic Treehouse books under his covers. :P


I was inspired by your layout on your daughter in the Tarisota gallery if I recall you were journalling all that everyday stuff she was doing on a Monday. Wonderful idea all those little things they ask us when they are older and we have forgotten. So this week I have started a journal for my daughter and her week.Thanks.


Awww thanks Nic for the lovely things you said. You are making me blush!Jo x

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