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March 26, 2008


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Waaaahoooo! Welcome to Typepad! I don't do anything fancy with my blog, but I do LOVE it and appreciate the extras you get when you pay for the service. Like the ability to have two blogs on the same account... and the freebie "sign your friend up" deal they had a while back... and well, I'm glad you're over here now. Can't wait to see how you personalize this site. :)

And yes, I might just have a couple of willing subjects to scrap to join you in making this album. :)


Have just updated my link....would hate to miss out on the updates! As for the project count me in, I am really keen.

Robyn W

will follow you wherever you go, stalker alert...lol
no kids to play along on this one with, but you never know what i might get out of it, so of course will be tuning in

Michelle Whorwood

Yes Yes yes please. Liam turns 4 next month so perfect timing... now if I can just get the little devil to sit still long enough and look at the camera for the #4 photo. lol


Yep! Count me in! By coincidence, I have an almost 4 year old daughter too, so the going should be pretty easy (wink!) I am heading on hols for the next couple of weeks, so will probably have to catch up on it all when I get home...unless you hold off for a while.Loving the idea of itSuzitee


I would also love to have a go. My kiddys are 4 and 6 I am sure that I could make that work easily enough. I could simply call it "Me.....right now", that way it would fit with any age at any time. Is it possible for you to post a couple of pictures of your boy ones as my son is the first that I would do. Thanks for the great ideas. Also love the book for the kindy teacher, we have one leaving soon so I think that I will keep my mouth shut.LOL. Have a great day. Siobhan

Christine C

Wow that Kindy book is fantastic, I am sure everyone will be super impressed, however you have now probably started something and will be expected to do one for each teacher that leaves (lets hope that doesn't happen too often).

Carolyn Potter

Hi Nic, I would love to follow this project through with you. I did one for my DS1 last year, "nine things about you at 9" and one for my DD about her favourite things at 5, DS2 is turning 4 later this year, so your project will be perfect. Sounds great. regards Carolyn Potter


The Kindy books looks great, I'm sure the teachers will shed a few tears looking through it.I'd love to join in with the 'turning four' album. Aston is four in June, so I would have time to prepare ;-)I guess I would have to make a book each for the other two also, turning 7 & 9. lolErica L


Hey Nic you are now saved here as a favourite as if we would lose all your valuable information just cos you changed to typepad no we stick like glue thanks for making it easy

Carol Rogers

Sounds great might just be the thing I need to get me going.


Hey Nic you are saved as a favourite at the top of the list thanks for making it easy

Lee L

Oh yeah, I am totally in on this, especially if we can cater for 7yr Olds as well!Cheers,Lee (lalalee96 at yahoo.com.au)


dang it - moved on me, did you? you tryin' to loose me? ;)


This is such a great idea! My oldest is nearly 6 though but I still guess it would be interesting. I will join in but it might just be slowly lol. My youngest will be 4 in November though. But love love love the idea!


Hi Nic,
I've found you over here. All saved to favourites. Keen as for album for my youngest who is 5.

Great idea.



I love this idea Nic, count me in. Would love to do it for each boy.WTG on the gorgeous album for Abby's kindy teacher, she will treasure it.


ooo, sounds like a great idea (tho' mine won't be for a 4 year old, but sounds fabulous 'specially with a 'talker' now!!)


hey kids album sounds great. would love to be in on it!


I'd follow you anywhere...
So how hard was it to switch over? I'm thinking about it too. You made it look easy.


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