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December 23, 2007


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Sorry to hear about the nighttime chirping! :SAnd congrats to Alison. I hope she enjoys your book as much as I do. :D


Thanks for the info on where to buy your book! Sad that I didn't win one, but now happy that I know where to buy one! Merry Christmas to you and your family,Suzitee


Merry Christmas Nic to you and your familyBronwyn

Sheila Doherty

You are SOOOO not kidding about those fire alarms. You would think they would have a light sensor that would keep them from chirping at night. Like you're going to change the battery on a fire alarm on a 15 foot ceiling at 2 a.m.??? Come on! Yeh, let me just get my ladder... Oh, and BTW, if you rip it off the wall & hit it with a baseball bat, it'll still chirp. My husband pitched one out the backdoor once... and it was STILL CHIRPING in the morning. Anyway, enough ranting... Merry Christmas Nic dear!


Happy Boxing Day Nic!Hugs from Wisconsin

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