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December 05, 2007


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Oh, what a sweetheart! Though I am bias - Cavaliers are our breed and we have just got our baby boy home!! Puppies make great layouts, LOL! Hope Miss Abby is feeling better - no fun having tonsilitis!


I love that LO of Abby. I might have to lift it. I'll let you know if I can find enough lumpy embellishments in my stash to do so! :PAs for the puppy... did you actually bring it home? Or were you just wishing for a puppy and asking Grumpr's permission? lolChristmas... I love Christmas too. And I LOVE it so much more since I decided a few years back NOT to stress out about it. Whatever gets done... that's good enough. I'm no Martha Stewart, and I've come to accept that. So my kids... they'll get used to the idea soon enough too. lol


grumpr does love dogs but they have to be outside dogs now that I am an old man. I reckon that little puppy would not be an outside dog at Nics house as she used to have her puppy in her bedroom when she was much younger.But they are real cute. maybe I will think about it.


OK just checked out your gallery and wow your awesome but I alrady knew that. Love your blog and read it all the time so will remember to comment more often!!MichelleTW

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