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December 30, 2007


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Oh dear Nic...so sorry to hear about Abby's collar bone...can imagine how annoying that's making things. Good luck with the scrapfest tomorrow. Linda


Eeeek! Poor little Abby. I had a broken collarbone at that same age. Only it was self-inflicted. Falling up some cement stairs at my paternal grandparents' house. Anyway, I hope Abby is better soon.Happy belated birthday to your big boy, Braden! :DAnd seriously... you host a scrapfest at your place? That's awesome. Have a GREAT time.


oh no poor Abby! Could she not have timed that in the winter at least :-) hope it heals quickly! Happy scrapfest-ing. hera


Hope she is feeling better. Seems like my kids broke bones every time we turned around. My youngest daughter (shes 29 now) was 5 when her cousin and her played Batman and Robin and jumped off the top of the car. She broke her arm and listened to reason when informed that Batman didn't fly. Give her a hug and an extra dose of ice-cream (the cure all) from those of us here. Susan

Lisa VdV

Oh, that is just horrible! Poor darlin' :( Give her a hug from her Cali friends :) xoxo.


Oh dear! Hope Abby's not in too much pain. Hope your NY's party goes well! Have a great one!Chris.


Oh Nic, The expression on Abby's face is priceless! Poor little Bub.What a way to start the summer for you all. Big hugs to Abby and all of you.Linda(from Wisconsin)


Hugs to Abby and you - both our kids have broken there collar bone now Tash at school it only took a week to take her the doctor cos she was so brave and didnt moan about it he didnt even send her to get x rays it was so obvious - bad Mum of the year award to me lol But please know they heal really fast Bronwyn


Aww, Poor Mum! Poor Abby!! Get better quick missy. I think I've only posted once to your blog before but I'm a dedicated follower of yours. I enjoy watching your kiddo's growing thru your layouts, especially Abby, just love her to bits. Kia Kaha Abby. Enjoy the rest of your holidays with the slink! :)

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