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December 15, 2007


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Ooooh CRANBERRIES. And give-aways. I LOVE your blog, Nic! ;)


Ummm so in my house we would eat the bars for breakfast...with a glass of coke...I'm sure that all the sugar HAS to be good for you!!! LOL!


Hi from a lurker, love checking out your blog and all your baking sounds yummy. Merry ChristmasSandra Mason


The exploding bag would have looked sooo funny, but what an amazing tip I will give the tyre crushing idea a go


Hmmm....using a tyre instead of a rolling pin,very interesting!Yummy looking baking.


Shame that container of yummos no longer looks that full. Infact there are only 2 lonely pieces left LOL


Ah Nic so funny about the tyre crushing idea. This is not a recipe but you have have have to try the 180 dgrees chocolate cranberry biscotti. It is the bestest!!! Your baking looks pretty good too.I really enjoy your blog, I don't read many, actually two, Yours and Ngaire's. Have a happy Christmas.kate Mills

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