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July 28, 2007


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hey nic just wanted to say I said a little prayer about getting those layouts back...just makes me sick.anyway, picked up your book last week and can't put it down.....such an inspiration. Love it! Thanks!!Mary Rogers

Michelle TW

Hey NicThats is so not cool! Love your lo and my confession is I havent got your book so order now, literally!! Cant wait to see it all...


How terrible for everyones work to go missing. I have had 1 LO dissappear completely and it is a horrible feeling. I so hope they turn up for you.

Allie Collyer

Oh Nic that is just appalling! I just can't understand it at all. Behaviour like that just sux and I am crossing everything that the layouts and cards turn up for you and the other ladies.Allie


I'm so disappointed your Q&Co. artwork didn't turn up, even after the reward was offered. :(I love all the LOs you did for BG. But I think I may have already mentioned that, no? lolHurray for your parents being back. I'm sure Abby's days will be... ummmm, more varied now. :P

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