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July 24, 2007


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It is the same here at the moment minus figures. I tried to use the hose on it but even on full blast the water trickled out as it was all frozen inside so had to use big buckets of water....I offered to do it as I could come back into the warm and shower or change clothes if i needed to...I am really excited about Crafting Connection and agree love how it is structured. I have booked all 3 of your classes...


Woooohoooo for Canada! I still can't believe you're comign to Canada. Although it'll be cold here by the time you arrive. Right now, it's beach weather... perfect in my part of the world... not too hot, not too cold. Love it when it's like this. :DBtw, I really like that LO, and yes, that looks like a cozy sweater. Why wouldn't it still be your favourite?! :P


Nic~I LOVE your blog!! I have added it to my scrapper's blogroll here: http://jillmarie7276.blogspot.com/2007/01/blog-post_31.htmlI was hoping that you might consider adding my blog, {a lot of scrappin' and a sprinkling of other random things} at http://jillmarie7276.blogspot.com to your list of links.Thanks,Jill

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