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July 20, 2007


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Phew! You know- you really should write a novel or short story at least about all of this. You remind me of Erma Bombeck (Australian Womans Weekly) who used to write hilarious family/children related stories for the magazine. Keep up the good work!


LOL lots, if yougoogle the tooth fairy you can get a certificate from her to leave just don't save it on your computer because speaking from experience THEY FIND IT! lol It is nice for you to talk about the aspergers (spelt it wrong) as there will always be someone reading that also has a child and it is nice to hear other stories, and your story is so funny you should write another book!


Wow, that was quite the ordeal with Jacob and the Tooth Fairy! I'm glad things have settled... for now. lolI'm happy to report that the Tooth Fairy visited our house last night without a hitch. My sweet boy decided that he'd share his money with his younger brother. Very sweet indeed. The younger one is hoping that all his teeth will fall out soon because he can't wait to have all that money! Hmmmm, I wonder what he'll buy.Btw, the shark teeth... my older one had that going on with the two front teeth on the bottom. Our dentist told us it was normal, and they fell out on their own. It was very weird seeing it like that though. :S


but thats not how it went in the Zoe book??!! lol. Great cover up work though - you rock!Hope it all goes smoothly for Braden.


Thanks for sharing Nic it does help others believe meNatasha's teeth are like Braden's out of the six teeth she has had out only one has came out before the ones grew in behind and I guess we have been lucky the baby teeth fell out by themselves


Wow my heart was breaking for him and you when i thought he thought the tooth fairy was you! Way to go with pulling it off that night and explaing everything to him.


*phew* is all I can say - and yup, that spectrum is a whole new world!! (I think we're just lucky - or perhaps unlucky - that our girl doesn't have a clue!) And my eldest is a shark girl too! LOL


so the tooth fairy survives to spread more glitter :) hope all well with shark boy.


Phew. Thank goodness the tooth fairy is a quick thinker too!! What will happen if B doesn't make the note and there is no glitter??

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