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July 17, 2007


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:) Hoping your prayers were answered!


Fingers crossed!


Oh man, that is the funniest thing I've read in ages. And believe me, my kids write pretty funny things for me to read. Mostly, they are notes to keep out of their rooms, etc... but I digress.The 6th lost tooth, you say. I'm wondering, can he tell you the exact dates that he lost each of the previous five teeth? 'Cos I know a certain someone who remembers the date he lost each of his teeth. :)Good luck with the glitter... and the drawing... and the writing! We just do the money thing around here. lol


we have a book all about the trials and tribulations of "Zoe the tooth fairy"..she even has to sit fairy exams! She has to find the right house, find a way in?, sneak past the sleeping cat..i'm wondering...are you by any chance, ZOE??? lol. Geesh good luck with your exams..ps. say you were in a hurry and will call back next week! Deadlines suck, right!

Sheila Doherty

Oh, the pressures of motherhood! LOL. For my dd's first tooth, my dh took a picture of my dd sleeping that evening and then digitally editted in a picture of a fairy standing on her shoulder as she slept. Big hit! But with each tooth she asks why she doesn't get a picture for every tooth. We told her that maybe the tooth fairy only gives pictures for the first tooth? ;)


good luck tooth fairy. Geez our tooth fairy just leaves the money LOL


That is just so funny Nic - hilarious!


These tooth fairy stories are the funniest things I've read in ages! My son just lost his first tooth (he only turned 5 in May!!) and like Jacob he was quite freaked out about the tooth fairy coming into his room at night. So I told him she would just give the money to me, and I would put it under his pillow. He was happy with that! And it means I won't need to worry if he wakes up and finds me rummaging around under his pillow in the middle of the night! ;-)Good luck with your future tooth fairy *situations* ... and keep writing about them!

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