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June 18, 2007


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Love that picture of Abby and Jacob. He's even looking at the camera (sort of) and not making a goofy face... awesome! Did I mention to you how frustrating it is for me to get a decent pic of my older son these days? lol


Oh the wood fire! doesn't it just make you feel warm by looking at it??!! lolLove the lo in the BG newsletter - awesome!


Thanks dude for the heads up. That pic of Abby bBTW TOTALLY SCRUMPTULICIOUS! Can I use that word. That girl is totally adorable dude. Send her my way!Loved your layout in the BG newsletter. Great to share that edition with you.BTW....MY FIRE IS MY FRIEND TOO!!!huge hugse


I totally agree with you about fires. We don't have one in this hosue but will hopefully in our new one...can't wait!

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