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June 09, 2007


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LOL! The trials and tribulations of parenting hey?! Love how you handled it. Better yet... Love how you handled hubby so he did the said retreiving!!OK - going to check BG site now!


Love the new BG. I clicked right away, but I was a good girl and came back to read the rest of your post. :PYour story about your ds... I do stuff like that too. All the time. And my dh asks me, "And that's going to teach him what?" as he rolls his eyes. *sigh* I'm glad you got the little creatures back. And how nice that the cupboard-tops got all clean in the process.Btw, two posts in one week. I almost fell over. lol


ROFLMAO!! I chuck my boys stuff on top of a cupboard too but never the kitchen ones. But mine have a habit of falling off and they usually fall on me! (Note to self must not stack the stuff so high.) lol


I am so glad the tamagochis are safe!! *rushing off to check the top of my kitchen cupboards*


You should always have camera on stand by for moments like Paul on top of cupboard covered in dust. Only a small space up there how did he manage. I see a page coming from this adventure??????


Lol that is so funny! Glad you got the Tamagotchi's back!

guess who?? lol

did you get a pic of Paul on top of that cabinet?Team NZ vs. Alinghi - its a tough one..it could go either way - so could i ROFLMAO!


Nic, thought I would check you blog before bed, so glad I did!! You gave me such a laugh out loud chuckle!! Now that your a "writer" ever consider writing a book about you life!! I for one would buy it!! LOL Sorry about the cold weather! I will send you some more summer!!HugsLinda


hahaha.... this is SOOO funny! what a great trick, i NEED to remember this one. but... what exactly are "tamagochis"///

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