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June 22, 2007


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Congratulations on your new washing machine! Man, you put up with a lot more grief from your old machine than I would have. lolHey, an early releas of your book?! Thanks for the heads-up. I'm off to pay for the items in my amazon shopping cart. Gotta get my hands on your book as soon as I can. :D

Lisa N.

Hi Nic,I've been reading you a while and never comment but just thought I would let you know I ordered your book and can't wait to get it. Books-a-Million is saying it ships in one to two business days! Email me sometime, I would love to catch up. lnolen@sheltonstate.edu penlwn


Nic, I can relate and know how excited you are about your new washing machine...I have registered for all 3 of your classes, can't wait and have your book pre-ordered. Can't wait to get it and curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and devour it (the book that is)


hey sis, checked out ya book on amazon but to get here in canada is gonna take a while. i reakon mum could bring it to me quicker. i very keen to get hold of a copy. talk soon VJB


i must organize it wid ma


Yippeee got 8 copies on the water as we speak, e-mail came this morning your order has shipped!Can't wait!


I had the same problem with my machine, cost me $90 to get it fixed about 18 months - one day it'll die on me for good! Love that green pp

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