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April 21, 2007


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Nic, I can sense a LO coming on with this hilarious Tamagotchi story. LOLGreat page you've shared here... man, I need to start stalking your galleries again.


Oh schucks girl....I am blushing!Love this layout. Love the tamagotchi thing too.....sooo funny!Hugse

Sheila Doherty

So sorry for your family's 'loss.' I expect there will be a rebirth in the future though. ;)


I too became a tamagotchi babysitter during term one, in the end Amy's remained on PAUSE for weeks and weeks!


Maybe that old tamagotchi got sick when Braden threw up all over it on the way back from the beach. My nice new car still smells? When I texted Nic and told her he had spewed she asked if he cried. I said NO but I DID.

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