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April 18, 2007


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Hey Nic Great to hear it was so good only two more sleeps before we fly to Wellington to be taken way way out of our comfort zoneStill going miss you not being there we learnt our lesson last year but could do nothing about it this timeEnjoy Sydney Bronwyn


Awsome nic thanks for the heads up on the classes. We are doing Altered state but not the others perhaps we need to see if we can fit another one in! Would love to see your AS class kit for May on your blogg it is lovley! Also LOVE your "love notes" layout in the latest Scrapbooking Memories AWSOMW! We wish you were comming to Wellington!


OMG you are so right about the whole Enchilada it rocks nearly didn't do it but picked it up as an extra. So glad I did. Zina's Quotes rocked too - actually they all did especially Nic's Ransom never written so much journalling on such a cool page in such a short time - Nic am waiting for feedback sheets to go up on kiwiscraps to let David know LOLFrestyle rocks spend as much money as you can and then some more it is worth it.HugsFiona :D


Sounds awesome. The Whole Enchilada was the first one I had on my list but I am unable to go but nice to know it would've been excellent!Hope everyone enjoys this weekend.fiona

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