A Dozen Ideas is a new creative venture by Nic Howard and you've stumbled on the supporting blog. Although this part isn't new, in fact it goes back nearly a decade, it's a treasure trove of inspiration, art, craft, scrapbooking and other inspiration so please take time to browse.

Who am I? I've always surrounded myself with creative endeavours, having spent years travelling the world teaching papercrafts, I now find myself choosing a much preferred quieter life in my comfy home studio with radio, papercraft, art, beads and mixed media treasures surrounding me. My goals are to provide unique handcrafted items that I've carefully created in my studio. Nothing is rushed, larger jewellery and art pieces can take hours to complete and often have a sentimental element, making them perfect gifts.

My home studio is a retreat within the day and is often shared with my daughter. The artwork or jewellery you buy may have been subjected to loud singing or spontaneous dancing and laughing during the day. Those things, along with the occasional sneaky chocolate, is essential to the creative process.

My business is new and relies on your support. If you love my products, please support me by visiting my website, , facebook and instagram pages. Shares, likes and the occasional comment are all very much appreciated.