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November 19, 2012


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awesome! and congrats on celebrating as a positive rather than a negative!


Gorgeous photos Nic


Hi Nic, happy, happy 40th.. I turned 50 this year and what better place to do it than my absolute favourite city in all the world.. ROME!! Wow what an incredible place to turn 50! It was my second time in Rome and it was better than ever..
Have a wonderful birthday year and may it be everything youy could wish for and more.
To me no-one!! is old until they are over 90 and even then maybe not! 40.. bah you are YOUNG... LOLOL xxx

Marie Noske

Happy, happy birthday, Nic. Welcome to the Flirty Forties. lol So glad to hear that you tackled it full on and celebrated with family and friends. Watch out that the All Blacks don't sign you up for their front row forward positions. lol Seriously, (oh can I be serious when it's a birthday. That would be a furphy!) I hope the rest of the year is full of wonderful celebrations and merriment. Love from me.


You, my friend, look better at 40 than most people do at 21! So glad you're in such a good place right now. You deserve all the happiness in the world.


Happy 40th Nic! Glad you were spoilt and had a great time celebrating. Having turned 40 earlier this year my new motto is "40 and fabulous" and so far is working for me! Enjoy!!


Happy belated 40th Birthday Nic. You look fab u lous! Love the photo and I love you with your hair long really suits you!

Natalie May

So wish we could have been there


Good on you Nic....they say life begins at 40 so you have made a wonderful start. How lovely to have your brother home....I hope my daughter decides on returning in a few years...not looking good as they have just bought a unit in London. May the celebations continue.xxxx


Belated many happy returns Nic. I firmly believe we are all as old as we feel - so just make sure that everyday it is 21 not 81 and all will be well :)

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