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October 27, 2012


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Yes.. your photos bring back memories of when my son got chicken pox, probably at a similar age to your daughter and just as bad. The spots were EVERYWHERE! Thankfully it's a passing childhood illness that they hopefully won't have to go through again as adults... :)


Poor Abby! My two year old Abby had them two weeks ago and now my five year son Cade has them popping out today! Can't wait to see your post re the USA trip sounds exciting.

Karen Johnson

Don't you just love those chicken pox and the frustrating thing it "yes you can get them more than once!" My eldest had them 5 times, next one had the 3 times and youngest twice - and yes they were all bad cases of pox inside and out of these wee bodies. My doctor kindly told me there are approx 65 strains of them - Get well soon Abbey

Karen keiper

ohhh, makes me glad my daughter just had her chicken pox vaccine. I'll see you on Sunday at the show!!

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Okay, how did your baby girl manage to grow up so fast?! (It's been way too long since I've visited your blog!)

My boys had the chicken pox a few years back, and yes, they were miserable and it took a long time for them to recover. Yikes! Poor Abby!

Btw, you look AMAZING... that picture of you with the other scrappy gals... your hair... and your boots... you are one hot manma, Nic!

Geez, I miss you. I miss scrapping and blogging and keeping tabs on your kiddos. I hope all is well.

xo Barb

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