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August 11, 2012


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Nic "Moscato" is a low alcohol wine and tastes just like the old wine coolers

Pearl Maple

Cute page and totally with you, if they insist on skinny jeans then wine coolers are a must because somehow they make everything look just fine


A vote for Blue Hawaii wine cooler, and a vote against skinny jeans!
Beautiful layout!


SOOOO remember Miami wine cooler! It was gorgeous-light and fruity.You're only as old as you feel! Some days are worse than others. LOL

Jo Baker

love the layout Nic - I'm sure you would fit in at a 21st much more than a 40th.


Lurve the l/o!!!! Soooo gorgus!!!!
At my age I've seen a lot of fashions come and go and skinny jeans should be on the 'go' list. I can remember those ridiculous knickerbockers which made one look like a misplaced pageboy from another era. One I hope will not last long are those patterned skinny pants. The patterns are getting wilder and brighter by the day and not many of us have a rear end and thighs that need emphasising!!!!


Eww...coloured skinny jeans on ridiculously skinny legged BOYS!! Don't get me started!!

Adidas Bounce

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I have to vote for skinny jeans. Although I personally can't wear them and certainly don't think every one should. My skinny minny son, 9, who always hated to wear jeans - and would only wear sweats, got a pair for his birthday. They looked like how normal jeans looked on a most people. He loved them. And my almost as skinny daughter,6, rocks them.

Dale Rose Stream

Nic, yes you are both still cute....VERY CUTE in fact. How else would your hubby get 17 phone numbers while helping you at your craft show????? That really takes some ----- to ask for a MARRIED man's number, within a few feet of his awesomely talented, generous, & BEAUTIFUL wife! SHAME on them! But I bet it made him feel good!

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