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July 04, 2012


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I can't wait for the Block and I too am looking forward to it. I hope it comes across as being good or even better than the ozzie version. As some programmes they film there don't translate well over here, e.g Master Chef. Awww at Abby she looks stinking adorable with the hat and the missing tooth/Nanny McPhee look. Eeeeks at the sale, looks like I should get some more washi, or ask Bev to grab me some when she is up there with Crafthouse.


OMGosh those tags are amazing !! Cute Abby !! and ENJOY THE BLOCK !! (as well as the choc)


Maaaarvellous choc block, eh? Didn't get to see The Block last night but hope to catch tonight's episode.
Eeeeeeeveryone has those hats. Almost fourteen yr old grandson bought one at the Fieldays - a tiger and he wears it a lot especially in this cold weather.
Tags fab. Will be coming to watch you at SENZ and check out that washi tape.

kellie L

I can't make SENZ and am wondering if you can tell me what the coating is on the large rose on the tag? It almost looks like an embossing powder? - Thx

Dale Rose Stream

Abby, I have a similar hat....but the ties on the side go all the way down to your hips, so you can put your hands into the little paws that are on the end!!!!! I bought mine last fall as soon as I accidentally found them online!
Great minds think alike!

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