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July 20, 2012


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you sound so enthused, its really nice! probably the most inviting and inspiring SENZ recommendation in a long time and I hope you do it again!

Beck C

Awesome - sounds like you had a blast and got to experience a whole different kind of SENZ to the norm for you. Sorry I couldn't be there, but am hopeful for next time :) So, how much money did the kids end up making?

Karen Johnson

It was great to see you again - and yes on the other side of the counter. Love all the products I re-stocked up on (chipboard die cuts), stocked up on (washi tape) and just brought coz I am sure I will use it at some time. Love the tie-die ribbon and pleased to say have use 2 out of 3 purchases of this already.


cool review of SENZ and what a supportive EFT pos guy! So watching out for your new molds and resins to come in!

crazy debbi

Nic, I'm so happy to hear that your husband was able to go with you and that you guys had a good (but busy I'm sure!) time together, also really glad to hear about all the enthusiasm of your booth visitors!

Karen B

The buzz from attending SENZ is always great and I enjoy seeing and trying new techniques. Hope to see your "shop" at the next SENZ.


Wonderful to see you at SENZ and happy to say that your stall was the BEST just because one walked away feeling that one had been given something that money can't buy...True human kindness and enthusiasm. Thank You and best of luck with your business venture.


Congrats on a successful weekend Nic. Dunno about the cute EFTPOS guy, I think your till guy was cute enough !!

Karen C

Just loved your stall, your family involvement and just those AWESOME Kits, but what I really enjoyed was chatting to you & hubby on Sunday when it wasn't busy about your children projects, what lovely children you and have hubby..
Thanks for coming to SENZ 2012..It was a wonderful event.


Whoa! Looks like the Washi tape was extremely popular 'cos sure as, your stall didn't like look that first pic on sunday afternoon. Awesome stall, my favourite and where I spent the most.

So glad I got to see the molds and resin in real. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for more...I snuck back and bought the triple hearts on my way out. Too bad I left my card in the car!

Was neat to meet Paul...I was waiting for a teaspoon to appear in his ear. Hehe.

Liz Gregory

Hey Nic. Was great to catch up and lose my staff to your stall! The resin sure does rock :-) Husbands are certainly worthwhile accessories at an event like SENZ.... But have you succeeded in getting yours to scrapbook yet?! If so, let me know your secret.


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