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July 27, 2012


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lol we can send you up anothr piece of wood for the grandparents - OR you could come back and teach and get some more for yourself ;-)
Yes the stand and pick method is a bit barbarack (is that how you spell that I don't think it is lol) I am with you on that one!
Abby just keeps on growing - stunning yound lady she is turning into Nic - Paul better start garding the gate soon!

Linda Langes

Shame on that PE teacher! Get well soon Nic.

Jo Baker

Hope the flu leaves home soon Nic and I agree about the PE teacher - same method used here sad to say :(

Loved your layout of Abby over at the Colour Room and looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

Marie Noske

Re no. 4. Sloppy teaching, Nic. Disgraceful, really.


I am now a retired teacher and I agree about "choosing teams" Nic...and it isn't just PE Teachers that do it. I always numbered kids and they were not allowed to move until I said . I lead them to believe I had a photographoic memory and if they changed teams I would know.....and I would have because I 'cheated" to make the teams even. Having good self-esteem is the most important attribute if kids are to learn and to enjoy life.Another of my favourite rules was "no put downs".


Hey, Abby "did good" with those torches!
I soooooooo agree with you and the others about that awful pick and choose system of picking teams. And of course the other kids whispered to the leader about not wanting so-and-so in their team too. Horrible!!!!

Dale Rose Stream

NIC, gorgeous project, as usual! And yes, she's cute! I'm still in awe of you & your talents....seeing your title 'float' blows me away...see you in DD!

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