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July 17, 2012


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Dee Sturgeon

Absolutely gorgeous layout Nic!!! Love it all.


Love love love it - definitely YOUR colours, ha ha ha!


Very cool, love the LO!


wow that is one stunning layout...and what a fab time you had at SENZ looking at the f/b updates and AE updates from people. Funny how somethings work out. How did the kidslets go with thier ventures at SENZ?


Your enthusiasm is inspiring Nic !! Love how you are embracing and excited about a new direction. Love your layout. And please STOP with the Finnibair comparisons....her talent and style may have inspired you but you are going forth in true "Nic style". Hugs.


I was saying how much I like what you did to your pics before I read your blogging. They are really cool. Love the layout to bits and ditto D.Kingston!!

So happy you're sticking with the moulds :D :D

Vicki Parker

I'm happy you are sticking with the moulds too as I feel like I'm missing out on something there. LOL. Beautiful layout.


Always nice to see your work! I'm thinking I need to do some resin/mold investigating & exploring! Sounds fun:-)

Supra Shoes

Yup, signed up. Beautiful world...I'll keep you posted if I come up with anything.

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