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May 18, 2012


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Beck C

Very cool Mrs H! I have managed to get support from KiwiScraps/Craft House in Wellington for Crop for a Cause 2012 - they are going to send me a sample kit and album to promote Project Life, and they will give me 25% of Project Life sales/orders on the day as a donation towards NZBCF. Fan-bl**dy-tastic!!!

lisette A Madsen

I love your pages and I can`t wait to se more from you ;O) I do PL myself and I really like it.

Teryl McKenzie

LOved looking at this Nic. I am going to start using the pages to do a monthly double page for each month this year. Just started putting Jan and Feb together :)


its such a great idea- how can we get started - ie where can we order a kit from? Would loe to have a go!


Hey Nic, how did you get the journalling on the cards? Cos thats a lotta info on there. I didn't read it but was in awe cos it makes my handwriting look way to big. Did you use a printer, if so did you create text boxes and pop a few cards onto an 14 sheet. lol clearly you can see I am in awe lol

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I do PL myself and I really like it.

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Karen N

Great start! I have just started PL this year too, and I too am keen to know how you have printed your text on the journalling cards. I don't like my handwriting much so I have just been typing up my entries in 3 x 4 text boxes created in word and cut out. They can look a little plain, being on plain white card, but I have been adding headings in different fonts/sizes and colours. So, I have found I only use the PL cards when I occasionally write something by hand. Would love to know if there is a simple way to print on the cards though.


Love your pages - I'd like more info on the days of the week border overlays. I searched high and low at The Lilypad but could not find them. Also, is it possible to post a link to the Pinterest "week of" graphic that you're using? Thank you. I wish continued creativity.


Happy to see your blog as it is just what I’ve looking for and excited to read all the posts.

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