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May 10, 2012


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I love your LO... so beautiful. You're making me ache to scrap again.

Also, the puppy thing... just like having another kid, except this one will NEVER be toilet trained. lol! The counting 1-2-3 doesn't work, but training using treats as a reinforcement... that works. :)

And puppies are actually like kids in some ways... consistency is the key to getting them to do what you want them to do. I had to keep reminding Mike that, if he kept paying attention to her and playing with her after we said, "No jumping!" or "Down!" she would never learn not to jump up on people.

Lisa H

What a gorgeous layout. 30mins??? That would take me hours! LOL. Got the email about DD over at BPC and am already signed up and counting down the days. Excited for this enhanced Dimensional Details.


Very pretty LO. I love it and the photos.

Yes, they are a permanent little kid. My cavvie is the same way. He slinks the other direction. When I do catch him, he is scolded for not coming. For the most part, he is well behaved. Just lately, he has this thing for making a mad dash across the street to the neighbors. I snap his name out. He hesitates for a half a second, almost like he is considering whether to do it or not and then just goes for it. Each time, he is sternly scolded and locked in his kennel. And yet, he invariably does it again. So, he is back to being leashed when he goes out. He will be 7 in December and has spent years being let out to do his business and normally doesn't dart off. Don't know what his deal is. Your Penny sounds cute! She definitely has personality. Is she vocal? Oh my gosh! My cavvie, if he thinks he is going to go in the car (or is begging to go for a ride), he talks and talks. It's pretty much the only time we hear a peep out of him. :)


Very Cool layout!! Have you used Hambly or a rubon on a transparency?

auntie em  (emily)

Love your LO! Those transparencies are awesome framing your strip of photos.

At least puppyhood only lasts a year and unlike teenagers, puppies will never ask for the car keys! :)

Thanks for sharing! :)

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