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November 11, 2011


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Vicky Alberto

I love reading your blog, you crack me up and make me smile.

Kelly Slattery

Vellum is just on the down cycle Nic...it'll make a come back soon & be better than cool - it'll be retro :o)


I remember that middle LO from a magazine (and the top one too, I think?) back in the days when vellum was cool :) I stuck mainly to the plain vellum...obviously you were MUCH cooler than me LOL


lol, you write it down all so well thats why your layouts are cfantastic and about the story because you are a natural at writing them :-)
That add is funny - even my nearly 16 year old sun is saying about the ghost chips - it's catchy and it's doing its job!


That first layout was one of the first I put into my 'to scraplift' folder........ love it, love them all.

I don't think it's that vellum is not cool, it's just that there is SOOOO much cool stuff. Vellum is so versatile, I think I'm gonna have to dig it out!


I LOLed so much I burnt my pikelets! You write so well. I remember those layouts too, still have the magazines I think.


Thanks for the trip down memory lane - I too remember the days of vellum, and I still use it for journalling on a regular basis.

Cath S

I love vellum - lovely product. You want my take on why things go out of fashion? (or used to anyway, not sure it's such an issue now)

Rockstar-scrappers like yourself got sent, or purchased, new products all the time. You showcased them, we followed your lead, and some products got left behind. Not a bad thing, just a follower thing.

I don't think there are so many rockstar-scrappers now, so perhaps we move on less slowly?

And as for SHOT. The one that puzzles me in the library is 'oye' after everything. "I'm going to the pools oye." "We're looking at youtube oye." I often feel like saying "oye yourself!" ... but I don't ;-)

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