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November 17, 2011


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Hey thanks for the compliment - takes one to know one.


Happy Birthday for the 15th! Sounds like it was a lovely one - you never know with families/kids quite what they'll plan. Glad you got spoilt : )

Belinda Basson

Happy Birthday from one to another! I am the day before you and got just a spoiled. I agree, birthdays are fun when you are on the receiving end and I too try reciprocate where possible.

Bea Medwecky

Happy belated birthday. I wish you many more.

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Nic Howard

Hey there! Ive called in Mum to look after the kiddos again and Ive taken off to Melbourne to watch the best band EVER - Cold Chisel - a birthday pressie from my hubby.
Will be back on board on Monday, thanks for your patience in awaiting replies to my emails!



A very happy birthday to you!!! I hope you had a wonderful time at the concert!!!


I hardly can wait to see, what you will create using 7 Dots Studio papers :)

Happy birthday! And as much sweet in your life as you can carry :)


Hey, happy birthday!!! (a bit belated) didn't know when your birthday is... duh... LOVE your BPC classes... is that redundent? My birthday was on Friday. LOVE your picture of the milk bottles in the carrier. Have a great year.. can't wait to see what great classes and ideas you come up with. karen in Phoenx, arizona usa

Esti Erasmus

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from a fellow Scorpion (not that I believe in it or even really know what it means:)!! My bday is 10th - I've dotted yours on the calender and will have your bday wish on time in 2012:)


I'm sorry I missed your birthday Nic. Please accept my belated wishes!! Had a giggle at the best before date on the milk etc. I remember doing that when I was expecting my first child, seeing dates that were after my due date made me keep saying "I'll have a baby by then", so I sorta know what you mean. Happy to hear your birthday was awesome and yes those papers are SUPER !!!

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