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June 01, 2011


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Joni Kix

I was in your Dimensional Details class, and LOVED it! I wanted to take this class first time around, but couldn't (I can't remember why). You are offering it again, and I can't take it AGAIN! (We are going on a 3 week vacation during the class period). I know I can take it and have access to the classroom when I get back, but that is not as much fun as sharing with others on the board.
I hope there is going to be a round-3, because I really really want to take this class!


I did take 1 of the colour class and if you haven't done it and have the opportunity - DO IT! It's awesome and Nic's teaching is like no other.

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good luck and enjoy the challenges ahead.


Love blue jean blue. i have a little boy who is ALL boy and it works with almost everything I could do about him. My fav color is green. Emerald green like Ireland. Least fav pink. I'm just not a pink girl but for Scrap pink, I'm learning!

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