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November 01, 2010


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Lovely card Nic! Hate to hear your having scapper's block, but glad to know it happens to everyone and not just me! Am loving the Color class and getting lots of inspiration from the gallery. I even tried embossing for the first time today - made a bit of a mess, but had fun!


beautiful card Nic...and i'm SO enjoying your inspiration on is it colour (even tho I havent actually done any yet LOL)...hope your mojo comes along soon :)


Well I am a bad mother to Nic because I beleive it is american and NOT NZ too and won't let me kids do it either :-)
AWW something new to NZ with nic Howard can't wait!

Bea Medwecky

Love your card Nic. I think that those of us that do not do this for a living assume that people that do never have problems creating. I'm sorry your in a slump. I am loving your color class and am finding it very inspirational.


What a pretty page! Am in awe of your ability to be in the gym by 5.30 a.m.!


I'm with you all the way regarding Halloween - it's becoming more prevalent slowly here is Australia too. Stuff the lolly companies and supermarkets trying to get more $ out of use b pushing it on us. Anyone knocks on my door I simply tell them firmly, but politely, that I am not American. Just about to sign up for your colour class - late as usual - I'm intrigued. Hope you personal mojo comes back soon.

Viola Mahr

Hello Nic! I just found your blog. I love love this sweet little card, and all your other beautiful projects too! Thank you for sharing! I will be back again :)


Kathryn Fraser

I love those twiggy bits on the card. Where did you get those? Don't tell me they're real twigs..... :-)


I wish we were heading into summer! The leaves are gone and all we have to look forward to in Michigan is the arrival of snow! I love your cards and pages - thank you for sharing them.

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