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October 14, 2010


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great layout! Great quote you heard on the radio. I already heard it, but it feels so good to get a reminder! :D Can't wait to see who won a place in your class!! :) Hope you have a better day tomorrow.


Didja get some work done??
I love that photo and the simple LO design.
And Jacob's growing and changing so much. He sounds like quite the character. :)


Congratulations to the winner!
I am so bummed though because the registration closed and I went to sign up and it was too late.
I snoozed, can't do that...if you snooze you lose! :(

Susan Gregory

Yaye - it's me!!!! Just made my day - I'm thrilled - can't wait for the class to get started - Thanks heaps Nic


hope you got some work done! Must be the week for it, I've been grumpy and tired too.

Karen Wilson

Love the way you journaled. This is a great layout.

Esti Erasmus

Oi, don't get toooo stressed - we all have those days - should've slept in like an owl maybe;0 Luckily there's always tomorrow..


just thought I'd pop over and see the blog (again) with my fave NZ artist :) and I can so identify with your day...actually most days i say "I'd better get some work done" but my creative side always seems to get priority - why is that? LOL and then its FAR TOO LATE to ring my kids and grandkids coz NZ is now 3 hours ahead of Qld :( tomorrow, tomorrow, I must remember to phone them...SO lookin' forward to your Colour class Nic - till then hugs'n smiles xx

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