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October 11, 2010


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Raewyn Aldridge

I want to know more about how different colours go together to look great on a layout.


I need to move away from the colours I always use. I want to know how to mix and use different colours with photographs to make stunning layouts.

Kate aka stinkydudette

Thanks for offering a seat in your class! I'd like to know how to bring out colors in a layout, such that they look cohesive, and not over-powering/imbalanced. Does that even make sense?


I want to learn how to use my un-favourite colours in a l/o and make it look good

Mrs Frizz

Primary colours and brights together scare the living bejeepers out of me ... I just don't do it ... it just doesn't work for me ... please show me how ...


I love your workshops Nic! I guess what I would like to do is explore how to add/make colors work even if an additional color isn't a part of the patterned paper I want to use.


I want to know how to use more colours than just pink hehe


I would love to gain knowledge about how colours compliment each other, affect our moods and our overall perception of things because I believe this will give me the confidence to work effectively with colours so I can make exciting, fun and vibrant layouts.


Thanks for the chance to win a spot in your class Nic! I would love to be able to mix colours that don't obviously "go together", and to add more colour to my LOs.


I'd love to know how to use more unexpected combinations of color. And I love every class you do!!! Thank you for the chance Nic!


I love the sound of this class, Nic! I'd like to learn how to make monochromatic layouts more interesting...mine tend to be a bit bland and boring.

Sophia Allison

OMG it would be a dream to win one of your classes...and I have been eyeing it out for a while now. I would also love to get a better understanding of how to mix my colours together, sometimes it is the hardest thing for me to do. Thanks for the chance ♥

Corinne L

I really struggle getting a cohesive colour palette, and so a class for this would be fantastic.

Beck C

Wow - the class sounds awesome. I always tend to gravitate toward the same old colour schemes, so learning something funky using a colour that is not the norm for me would be awesome. Besides, I would like to help make your family's struggle with 2 minute noodles and tomato sauce worthwhile! Thanks for the chance to win :)

Joanne Flannery

Hey Nic, hows things, thanks for the chance to win a seat in your class. I would like to have the courage to use strong bright colours, I tend to stick with soft pastel colours.


I tend to stick to the colours in the photo or use black and white photos when I want to use other colour schemes on my layouts. I would like to learn to to be "braver" with my colour combinations in way that will compliment my photos without always matching. I absolutely loved your recent class in SA! :)

Dulce Silva

I really want to improve the my color's combination skills (I really need that) to make layout that really pop up.


what a great giveaway Nic. I would really love to learn how to put colour combos together so they compliment each other and my photos. And to get out of the "colour rut" I seem to be getting in.


Thanks for this amazing chance! I have so much to learn about colors. I most would like to know how to compliment photos with the colors of the page.


I'm a rainbow fan. I love colour. There are some colours I find really hard to work with - even though I like the colour I don't seem to be able to make it work on a layout.
So yeah, I'd like to learn how to make any colour work on a layout.
And I'd love to win a seat in your class.

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