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February 25, 2010


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Dayna Howard

Hi Nic,

So looking forward to starting your BPS workshop. One of the things I would love to learn more about is all the different ways you can use Glimmer Mist???

Debbie Kingston

OMGosh !! Didn't know you were coming to Melbourne Nic!! Off to make enquiries with Scraptacular.... see you there (if there's a spot left!)


Gorgeous glimpses of your Timaru class - just wish I could be there *sigh*
I'm keen to sign up for your BP classes - winning a spot would be even better LOL

Serena Manaena

Yes I too wish I could go to those classes. I have signed up - the start seems ages away - love the page you did of Malin and the way your flowers and everything come together - would love to learn about putting together something like that. Also really loving the ATC cards you have made lately with Prima flowers, stamps etc. I am not so good at clusters so would love help on that. I know it's going to be great.

Serena Manaena

sorry tags not ATC:)

Tracy Belling

Wow, beautiful layout Nic - I have just begun working on canvas too - please show more pics after your class, thanks Tracy


Could do with a trip to Melbourne....hmmmm would love to go and do all your classes!!!!!......dreaming away :-)

Jenny E

Oh I would like a sneak preview of your BG class pack and your Senz class (lol!)

renne looney

jusy did your last class nic- and had a blast! Thanks for the fun!


Wow Nic, you are one BUSY woman! :)
I wish I had time to take your BPS workshop. I was promoting in an online group that Lain Ehmann runs a few times a year (LO a Day). I'd love to incorporate some artsy techniques into my clean and simple pages. Maybe I need to buy a lottery ticket so I can quit my job! lol

Pearl Maple

Fabulous choice of colours and trims and textures, looks like a fabulous class event

Jeanne Ann

I had so wanted to take your class. Loved all the others I have taken in the past but it just wasn't to be. Surgery took me out of the workforce for awhile and the new job doesn't start until I am way behind on all the bills. Life is unpredictible for sure! Good luck with the class. It looks so fun.

Jenny E

Hi Nic - have Prima drawn the winner for your BPS class yet? I've been checking every couple of days

air yeezy

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