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February 13, 2010


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Wow Nic, your tags are just beautiful.

Mrs Frizz

totally adorable tags ... stunning creations.

Curvedfeather (aka Ellen)

Love those tags...I'm inspired and think I'll make one to tie around my husbands coffee mug on Valentines day... maybe two, it's also his birthday.

cari fennell

you are so awesome! These tags and the ones at CHA are FABULOUS!

Jenny E

Those are beautiful!

Anna Koziarek

wow! Prima and Ranger make a really great combo!!! :)


this is stunning work, nic!!
love every single tag!!

Janine Koczwara

stunning tags, just love what you have done with them.

dustypenny (aka Joy)


Robyn W

very noice Nic very noice indeed

Andi Sexton

Gorgeous goodies:) What a great marriage.. Ranger and Prima!


Just gorgeous!!!


Just gorgeous Tags....Love those flowers

Stacy Caddy

Gorgeous tags... Those flowers look so real...

ellen s

these are fabulous!


WOw these are gorgeous.

Denise L

Your tags are absolutely stunning!

Anna Sigga

Ohh my - these tags are gorgeous!!!!

renne looney

Nic! Love the new blog header! It's perfect !

Leah Larson

Love the new blog header.

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