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May 26, 2009


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you will laugh till you almost pee yourself, that's what you will do. Well that's waht I do anyway with an almost (1 week away) 18 year old a 15 year old, a 13 year old and a ten year old. I think the whole teen grunt thing is just some hashed up media thing, most of the time my boys can still talk my ear off. Teen boys can be very witty and funny at times, then there are those other times,lol. Enjoy the ride.

Carol Argyle

Still plenty of laughs to be had at 29,27, & 24 so you'll be just fine. Wow, AE almost full. Will have to get my skates on to register. Been trying to talk some friends into going. And your layout is amazing, as usual.

Sarah Hodgkinson

Hey, lady.
Just dropping by to see what you've been cookin' up. Delicious-ness, of course.


Don't know what was in your head but nuttin wrong with what is on the paper!!!! Don't worry the laughs will keep coming along with the grunts and the female hormonal chnages!!


Kids keep you laughing no matter how old they get! I love the colours in your layout. Already signed up for your 'Point of View' class - just waiting for 9 July to get started.


Abby is so funny! kids, no matter how old, never fail to make you laugh, even if its only at their grunts...because the grunt stage is funny all on its own!!! wait until they are approaching 20 and take themselves so seriously and annouce everything like you dont know what life is about lol...now thats funny!!!


if this layour was not as good that was in your head - then damn it must have been pretty fantastic. i love this layout.


I love your LO, Nic... and oh my, I just took a closer look at your Autumn Escape photos, and your hair! Is it EVER long! Wow, it looks great. You're the cutest, you know that?!

Mandy Pearl Maple

Great page full of colour and happy smiles, the world can get very B&W and all shades of grey sometimes, celebrating colours is much more fun.


You write so well I almost imagined myself sitting with you and Paul watching Abby and truly laughed out loud. Of course I don't know what your head was thinking but your layout is flippen fabulous. Gorgeous pic.


PS: Thanks bunches for the links...I'm watching the shuffle dance. Can't wait to show my daughter. She will love it.


I'm very interested in your BPS class and was just wondering if it's mainly LOs you'll be focusing on?


Just fantastic as usual Nic. Don't sweat the small stuff!

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