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December 08, 2008


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love the words from the organiser..how cool is that. and so is the cluster through the centre..awesome.ps. why were there no chocolate chippie cookies left actually?? LOL


look at all that gorgeousness (is that even a word -lol)
The layout is way cool as well
Know what you mean about shopping I am so not good at it

Petrina McDonald

oh buckets and buckets of yum there!!!


You're soooooo right abt there being "...nothing like tables of amazing product to play with - tables like yours especially.

I adore the layout especially the detailing with the buttons.


GREAT layout and I love the yummy details!


Okay, all that yummy scrap stuff is making me want to sit down and scrap RIGHT NOW! Which I can't. *sigh* And omg, that note that Jacob left... the fact he signed it "organiser" had me LOLing in the office. My coworkers will think I've lost my mind. :P


Just droppin by to say how much I love and adore your style!! :)

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